Blogs....who knew?

Let's just be honest. I'm terrible at blogging. All the wedding professionals in the world say, "you have to blog to stay relevant." Well, guess I'm not relevant! It's really not because I don't want to blog, I's because I'm not sure what I should talk about every week!

Let's talk about flowers.

This year we've dabbled a bit in floral design. Now, let me preface the next part of this with WE ARE NOT FLORISTS. FLORISTS are ARTISTS. However, every wedding thus far has had us do their flowers. We did not charge for the HOURS of labor that is involved in creating bouquets, bouts, corsages, centerpieces, because we wanted to practice, and based on the reactions, I don't think anyone was disappointed in our free labor :)

Next year, we will be offering budget wedding floral design for a small charge. Keep in mind, this will be basic hand-tied bouquets, bouts, corsages, and centerpieces. If you want a Pinterest perfect bouquet, we're probably not your floral designers. If you're working on a very tight budget and you can't afford $1500+ for your wedding floral...we may be able to help you.

In 2019, we will only offer floral design as an add-on to one of our packages. Getting married in 2019 and not sure where to start? Start with Simply Chic and let us help you have the wedding of your dreams! Go to our Contact page and send us a message!

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