How your Wedding Planner will save you money! Part One.


Today’s blog is about the value of wedding planners. We know our services can be seen as a luxury or an extra expense, however we wanted to share how they will actually save you money (and time),

We know how to save!

We love bringing your ideas to life anyway we can, so we always give you options when it comes to your expenses. Many times brides and their families purchase things that will never get used. I was *that* bride. I had so many things that just never was taken out of the bag or were forgotten about and when I came home from my destination wedding I added up $800 in things that I never used. Weddings are expensive and by listening to your wedding planner- you can then allocate the savings elsewhere. Knowing where to splurge and where to spend will save a lot.

Simply Chic Wedding Rental and Design is unique. We add our rentals into our setup package. We do this to save money for you. Lets say you use ivory tablecloths - renting tablecloths will cost nearly $400 dollars - with us it's included. Saved $400 right off the bat. Day of Coordination starts at $900 for most wedding planners, for SImply Chic, we offer the same level of service for $500. Another savings of $400! Burlap runners for your tables will cost $8-10 to purchase. Included - for a wedding of 160, that's a savings of $160! You've saved $960 and we haven't even discussed centerpieces, aisle decor, arches, cake tables setup, gift tables setup - OH! Who is going to put this altogether while you're getting ready and entertaining out-of-town guests and clean it up?

Our $1200 package may seem like a splurge but it's a splurge that's worth it, you're worth it and your family and friends are worth it. Your wedding should not be stressful. Let us show you how.

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